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This is my 3rd move but this is the first time that I hired this company. I admit I wasn’t sure about hiring a moving firm again because of the bad experience I had with my previous companies. Now I Thank God that I did avail of their service. This company gave me the most hassle free move ever. My belongings are handled perfectly that they arrived at my new house complete and damage free. The moving men are friendly, uniformed, on time and industrious. The best thing about this company is that their rates are reasonable. Good job! ------Rafael, 42, Guelph

Last week my family and I moved. We have looked hard for a moving company that can give us the service we need at our set budget. We were lucky to find this company, not only do they gave the most amazing service they also have many moving packages at very affordable rates. What I love most about them is the way they handled my belongings. They carefully wrap and pack each one and made sure that it arrived to my new location on time, complete and scratch free. I would like to thank James, Bob and Neil for taking care of my move. -----Leila, 27, Guelph

These guys are really awesome and they did an excellent job. From their company representative down to their moving men I am hands down to all of them. They are knowledgeable, skilled and very professional. I can’t think of words to describe how they made my move easy and quick. I also can’t thank them enough for taking care of my belongings all throughout the moving process. I am very pleased and impressed with the way this company handled my move. I hope to work with you guys again. Thank you so much!-----Rina, 35, Guelph

I am very happy that I came to know this company. They are the best so far that I have experience. They are very careful and cautious. -----Leon, 38, Guelph

I can certainly rely on this company for my next move. They are very fair in pricing and their services are top rated. ----Kevin, 54, Guelph

Satisfied. That’s what I felt after they finished my move. They are very careful with all my belongings, made sure that everything is properly packed and they loaded my belongings really quick. Hiring them is the best thing that I did. -----Amie, 57, Guelph

This was a truly remarkable moving experience in every way. They took all the stress out of it. Completely professional and caring in the way they did everything. They were fast and treated my belongings is if they were their own. They communicated very thoroughly so there was never any confusion about arrival times etc. -----James Gelet, Guelph

The best movers in Guelph! Friendly, they will let you know when they are on their way, and they take great care of your stuff, all for a very reasonable price. Take the hassle out of moving! -----JL Field, Guelph

Loved the moving service, usually moving from an apartment to a house is very stressful. These guys made it the easiest moving experience Iv ever had. Fast, effecient and safe! No damage to any of my items or furniture what so ever. Very carefull movers and proffesional service. -----Kendrick Henderson, Guelph

They are the best movers in Guelph. They are fast, efficient, very safe and very professional. They moved me out of my old house very fast. Nothing broke during the move, not even a scratch on anything. They made moving stress free. I recommend Guelph Movers to anyone. -----Alexander F, Guelph

In 3 words ... quick, safe and professional thank you for my headache free moving ! -----hadi mool, Guelph